Brian Dales enjoys the extensive know-how acquired by the Calmonte family over the years and continues the tradition of Italian tailoring creating garments of high quality and unique style.
At the fundamental level, the brand places a high value to passion for quality, attention to detail, creativity and reliability. The mission is, therefore, to create a unique outfit giving each garment the unmistakable mark of the Italian good taste and love for things done properly.
Brian Dales’s aim is to spread “Made in Italy” all over Italy and worldwide and distribute clothing and accessories to its customers by offering sophisticated looks and which are always in touch with the new fashion trends.
The result is an ever-evolving style, based on a total look concept that is contemporary, determined and accessible at the same time, which expresses our passion for beautiful things that are designed with care in all its aspects. 

A concept clearly outlines the philosophy of the brand. 
The concept of the collection is developed under three distinct and defined features, although perfectly interchangeable . Whether it's a cocktail dress , an elegant dress , or an easywear outfit, Brian Dales products never lose its refinement and its characterization linked to the Made ​​in Italy.

A distinctive feature is the slim fit. 
The customer likes Brian Dales for its innovative research and a precious look , guaranteed by the Made in Italy production. 

The cornerstone of the experience of the product is in fact testing tissue. 
The choice is always based on characteristics as a special touch , brilliance and quality of the yarn , preferring the made ​​in Italy , and ensuring the high quality of choice thanks to the best Italian suppliers . Brian Dales is continuing the research into new compositions and processes more advanced , using the best partners in the different product types.